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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lesbian Threesomes & Foursomes

If you like all girl group sex movies, then you might want to take a look at the website called "We Live Together". It has about a hundred different scenes, and the majority of them have three or more women. The basic premise of this "reality porn" site is that these two women live together, and the just so happen to love to go out to meet other hot women, who they invite back to the apartment for some hot love making. Obviously it is all faked, but it makes for some original and different movies, which is refreshing. The video quality is decent, and they have recently started adding full lenght downloads to the newer movies. But the majority of the site only has 1 minute and 10 minute clips. The quality is good, but not quite full screen quality. But for fans of all girl group sex, this site gives you more of that than any other site I have seen.

Some Free Lesbian Clips

I found a few nice galleries of free clips for ya:

Bikini Babes

Lesbian Threesome Videos

These are some of the nicer free movies I have see around, so I thought you might enjoy them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Next Best Thing

I consider Sapphic Erotica to be the second best lesbian video site on the web after Viv Thomas. They make all their own movies, and generally get very attractive European women of college age (mostly Czech babes) who really seem to be into having sex with other women. This is what makes for good all girl erotica - the women have to be into it. I can spot in a second the actresses who aren't really enjoying what they are doing and it just totally wrecks it for me. This site is full of women who seem very into what they are doing, with lots of passionate, deep kissing and very good scene build-up featuring just the right amount of foreplay.
And the video resolution is outstanding. You can download full length scenes in crystal clear full screen quality. Now that rocks. The movies are in WMV format, and are usually around 1400 to 2000k, which is very good resolutions. They have sample clips on their site so you can see the quality.
There are at least 300 original scenes online. A very substantial amount for exclusive movies. They also have thousands of very high quality pictures, but I'm not into pics, so I won't review that part except to say it is impressive.
They do a good job of offering a variety of sexual styles, with a bunch of threesomes, and some good strap-on scenes. Most of the women are thin with natural boobs, so if you are looking for women with big tits, this site only has a few scenes with busty babes. Most look like natural college aged women.
The movies do tend to have an amateur feel to them. Though they are well filmed and well lit, they certainly do not have the production values of a Viv Thomas movie or like anything by Vivid. But very good for original Internet stuff.
Check out the site for some samples and if you like them. I certainly think there are enough good scenes in this site to more than justify the price, considering all the movies can be downloaded, so you can save around a hundred hours of movies for $30. That is not a bad deal at all for some of the sexiest amateur style movies around.

King of All Girl Erotica

Now, I don't make a dime off of this review. No revenue sharing or anything, no kick-backs. I just feel as a fan of lesbian erotica that I have to share with you what I consider the best all girl video producer I know of so you can witness some of the most erotic and sexy movies I have ever seen. His name is Viv Thomas. He is an adult video director from the UK. You can buy some of his DVD's online, though I thought it was hard to find. Most of the stuff I liked from his site was not adultdvdempire, and that is about the biggest porn DVD website there is.
Most importantly, you can get almost everything he has ever done at his website, You can download or stream full length scenes from almost all his movies (about 50DVD's). The downloads are all in DivX format, and the streaming are in WMV format. The highest quality for the downloadable movies is 750k a sex, and because DivX is so good, they actually looke very good at full screen despite the relatively low bit rate of 750k/sec. So you need a DivX player to play them, but it is a free player, so it is no big deal.
But do not miss out on this site. It contains some of the best girl on girl sex scenes I have ever seen. Not only are the women beautiful, the sex is so passionate and realistic that it will drive you crazy. It is exceptionally well done stuff. Great kissing, tons of foreplay, and super passionate and sexy love making. I won't blab on forever, I will just say that I have seen a ton of girl/girl movies, and his stuff is the best by a significant amount. He doesn't have any samples, but if you search for Viv Thomas on youtube you will probably find a few softcore clips to see examples of his work. Once you see them, you will know what I am talking about.

Here We Go

I decided to start a new blog for finding free lesbian videos and reviewing lez pay sites. There are some crappy ones and some great ones, so I will help you figure out where to spend your hard earned cash. So stay tuned and I should be able to get some useful posts up today.